Loos Machine & Automation can provide your company with superior turn key components for your automated cheese systems. A preview of some of the main components include our SS cheese grinder, tote dumpers, hydraulic tote dumping systems with barrel lifts and cheese cutters; which can be fabricated to handle various sizes of blocks or barrels, plus much more. All equipment is custom designed and fabricated to fit your requirements. Our quality, time saving products meet the USDA and 3A dairy industry regulations.

If cheese is what you do, Loos Machine & Automation can design a cooker for you. We custom fabricate quality Cheese Cookers to be included in our cheese processing lines. Cheese blenders are another product we fabricate and can include either single or twin ribbons for blending batches of processed cheese. These Blenders are available in sizes from 100# to 4000#. Loos Machine & Automation can also provide conveyors used to transport cheese at any point in your automated cheese manufacturing line. These conveyors can be fabricated to accommodate different capacities and applications. There is hardly a challenge to large for Loos to handle.

Our experienced mechanical and automation engineering departments can provide you with a complete turn-key system, whether individual components or a fully automated line, Loos Machine & Automation has the solution for you.

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