Rotary Cutting System

Our automated vision system can allow and be programmed for cutting product based on proportioned weights or desired length.

Standard Features

  • Sanitary design for Raw Product
  • Capable of handling multiple types of product for any food processing industry
  • Maintains product orientation inline to avoid additional transfers
  • Designed to handle high throughputs
  • Optimizes product yield
  • Custom blade design per application
  • Integrate with our product sorting system downstream of cutter for cost operating savings

Automated Features

  • PLC/HMI controls
  • Operator Control Panels
  • Meets NEC and NFPA codes
  • UL Approved Facility

Commonly Requested Designs

Waterjet Cutting

Loos’s turn-key systems integrate with KMT Waterjet to improve yield, increase throughputs, maintain consistent portion control, while improving quality of food products.

Standard Features

  • Cut by weight, size, shape, etc. with a multitude of automated product infeed/outfeed options
  • USDA Certified equipment
  • Perfect portion control
  • Ideal sanitary and efficient process for cutting food
  • Waterjet is not compression cutting, which improves product quality and shelf life