Our custom conveyor designs are unique to each application throughout the pizza manufacturing process.

Standard Features

  • 316 SS, 304 SS or mild steel construction
  • Improve floor space by integrating horizontal, incline, decline, corner, “Z”, spiral/radius, screw conveyors and more
  • Product merging conveyors
  • Phasing and lane positioning conveyors
  • Baking/frying conveyors (100% stainless)
  • Metal detect with continuous reject system conveyors
  • Inline weight, automatic sorting and vision technology utilized
  • Wishbone troughed profile and flighted belting options
  • Can accommodate any style of belt desired (Rex, Intralox, Cambridge, Eagle, etc.)
  • Sanitary design with easy cleanability/washdown operations
  • Pneumatic take-ups for easy belt adjustment/removal
  • Integrated scrapers to keep belt and operation clean
  • Numerous transfer design options available for clean and consistent directional changes
  • Eagle belting conveyance for pizza product handling
  • Easy integrated applicator systems to conveyance

Automated Features

  • PLC/HMI controls
  • Servo actuation available
  • Meets NEC, NFPA, and ANSI codes
  • UL Approved

Commonly Requested Designs

L‐Return Systems

Eliminate waste with our custom L-Return systems.

Standard Features

  •  Available in urethane troughed/flighting belting
  • Chilled/Jacketed screw auger systems to keep toppings cool throughout cycle
  • Custom designed for easy integration and handle a variety of product throughputs
  • Sanitary/washdown designs
  • Provided as stationary or on casters for easy installation

Automated Features

  • Temperature and flow control
  • PLC/HMI controls
  • Servo actuation available
  • Meets NEC, NFPA, and ANSI codes
  • UL Approved

Commonly Requested Designs

Auto Dough Ball Placer

Process Flow

Stage One: 

Dough balls exit the proofer and enter checker and weigher

Stage Two: 

Scale reject chute and incline conveyors

Stage Three: 

Dough balls then climb the incline conveyor to the rotary diverter

Stage Four: 

Staging Clam Shells

Stage Five: 

Dough balls have been properly placed for the next stage in the process

Standard Features

  • Can drop dough balls into any pattern design
  • Check weigh system ensures quality
  • Complete safety guarding
  • Can accommodate any desired product rate
  • Complementary rounders to complete your system

Automated Options

  • PLC/HMI controls
  • Meets NEC, NFPA, and ANSI codes
  • UL approved

Commonly Requested Designs