Vegetable / Cheese / Herb / Meat Applicators

Stainless steel applicators are customized to fit into your company's exact needs.

Applicators have been designed to provide an absolutely even and consistent distribution of product while giving the option of applying many different food products.

Standard Features:

  • Single roll, 2-roll, 3-roll, 4-roll varieties
  • Waterfall type
  • Adjustable leveling rake
  • For use with vegetables, fruit, cheeses (hard or soft), IQF meats, and spices
  • Pinwheel agitator
  • Return unit (screw or belting)
  • Flap wheel for complete roller clean out
  • Linear rake for large waterfall applications
  • Various hopper sizes

Automated Options:

  • Load cells for weight detection
  • Touch screen controls
  • Variable frequency drive motor controlled
  • Integrated into complete line