Custom Design/Engineering

Our experienced Design/Engineering Group tailors each project, system, or piece of equipment to our Customers’ needs and requirements utilizing the latest design software including:

  • Solidworks – 3D Modelling
  • AutoCAD
  • And More!

Our latest 3D modelling designs allow our Customers to easily visualize their equipment and systems to streamline design, review, and approval processes.  Along with these available 3D models and continued support, our Design Engineers will provide your team with these tools for each piece of equipment or system:

  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals
  • Recommended Spare Parts List and complete BOM’s
  • Routine Maintenance Schedules
  • Finalized Asbuilt Mechanical & Electrical Schematic Drawings

Contact our Innovative Design Group today to provide a permanent vs. temporary solution to your process system!


Custom Machining & Fabrication

Custom fabrication can be done to the specifications of customer drawings or custom designs done by our design team.

Loos Machine & Automation has significant industry knowledge and experience to meet all your steel fabrication needs. Our shop meets 3-A, ASME and OSHA regulations.

Our staff is experienced in working with a variety of materials such as mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel. With our overhead hoist system, we can easily accommodate sizeable welding projects.

State-of-the-art equipment enables us to stay ahead in today's industrial marketplace. By utilizing the latest technology through design and manufacturing we are able to meet all of our client's needs.

Our machining shop is equipped with a Bystronic Laser Cutter, CNC Turning Centers, CNC Machining Centers and CNC Press Brakes, as well as conventional mills, lathes, grinder and seam and conventional welding machines. Our Timesaver sand belting machine allows us to deburr metals faster and safer!

Our fabricating department can shear, bend, and weld most metals. We also offer additional services such as bead blasting, and painting.

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting system allows us to make high quality, high quantity parts in a shorter amount of time than traditional cutting methods.

We use the Bystronic 10,000 Watt Fiber Laser Cutting System. The table size is 60" x 120" which offers optimal access to the cutting area.

We can accommodate many different materials which include:

Structural Steel to 1 1/4"
Stainless Steel to 1 1/8"
Acrylic Glass
Various Aluminum Alloys

Automation & Controls

Our experienced Automation Team can offer solutions for all your factory automation and control needs.  From design through fabrication and installation, we provide our Customers with an innovative, high quality, reliable, and economical solution.  

Each design, system, and or piece of equipment is Custom therefore can include, but not limited to, the services listed below:

  • Electrical panel design and fabrication (UL Approved Panel Shop and meets NEC, NFPA & ANSI Codes)

  • SolidWorks drawings/field installation diagrams

  • PLC/HMI Programming

  • 100% FAT performed prior to Customer installation

  • Start-Up & Training

  • Operation Manuals

  • Service Agreements

  • 24 hour live/local/remote support

Along with our Custom Designs, we make integration easy by offering:

  • Customer specified hardware, software, and communication requirements

  • Integrate with existing or third party equipment

  • Maintain Customers’ existing procedures and methodology

  • Conduit installation prior to shipment, providing more of a skid design which reduces installation/setup periods


Through detailed upfront planning/coordination with our Customers, our experienced installation groups are able to complete the projects quickly, efficiently, and economically with our highest priority on Safety and Quality.

Our Installation groups follow OSHA, Loos, and Facility safety standards along with all other Facility specific GMA / Sanitary requirements.

Throughout installations and upon completion, our experienced staff ensures our Customers Operators and Maintenance Team are educated and trained on all aspects of the systems operation to create an easy transition into production. Please note onsite Install Supervision is also available if Customer chooses to self-perform installation.

Count on us to make your system installation run smoothly!


Start-up / Training

When minimized production downtime is available, count on us to ensure fast system or equipment startups.  Through this we’ll provide your Operators, Employees, and Maintenance Team the comprehensive in-plant training required to keep your systems running day to day.  This includes, but not limited, training on each piece of equipment:

  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals
  • Troubleshooting Scenarios
  • Recommended Spare Parts & Bill of Material Lists
  • Required Equipment Maintenance Schedules
  • Most importantly Onsite support available to assure system operates as Designed and available to answer Customer’s questions prior to departure.

Service Contracts

For continued Support and onsite Training, allow Loos Machine to offer an extended Service Contract on your new System.  Some of the benefits include, but not limited to:

  • Extended Equipment Warranty
  • Reduced Maintenance costs allowing our Experienced Service Group to handle initial Routine Equipment Maintenance
  • Additional and repetitive training opportunities for your Team
  • Opportunity to recommend/revise minimal modifications to maximize systems potential through extensive onsite witnessed production runs
  • Available for Mechanical & Automation Support


Personalized customer support allows our customers to use Loos Machine & Automation as its specialist in managing their production process.

We provide complete support from the date of purchase, continuing through the life of the machine which includes assistance with troubleshooting and any future maintenance issues you may encounter.